Easily switch between sound devices

Switch between playback and recording devices without opening Control Panel

Supports Windows® 7 and above

Supports all recent versions of Windows® with .NET Framework 4+

Quick Switch

Allows switching between Favourite Playback devices upon left clicking on the notification icon

Favourite Devices

Select your most used devices so only they appear in context menus and Quick Switch

Start with Windows

Start Audio Switcher when you log into Windows®

Global Hotkeys

Register hotkeys to switch between any device at the press of a key

Dual Switch

Sets the Default Communications device at the same time as Default device

Automatic Updates

Automatically checks that you are running the latest version of Audio Switcher


Totally free. For real. You don't have to pay a cent. However, donations are appreciated


What is Audio Switcher?

Audio Switcher is a 100% free, and Open Source application for Windows® Vista, 7, and 8.

Audio Switcher makes switching between sound devices trivial. No longer do you have to go into Control Panel or the Windows® Sound options, instead there is an easy to access icon, or even hotkeys.

The beautiful part of Audio Switcher is it's simplicity. It doesn't try to do too much, it does exactly what is needed; nothing more, nothing less.

Audio Switcher is developed by @xenolightning, entirely in my spare time. Continued development is spurred on by the users, if you have any feedback, feel free to contact me.



Audio Switcher is available free of charge from the following websites.

Ensure that you are always using the safest, and most up to date version by downloading only from these verified sources.

Verified download locations





Major Geeks


Giga Software (Deutsch)


Audio Switcher Core Api

Want to create your own application that controls audio devices? The Audio Switcher Api is available as a package on Nuget.

The Api simplifies interacting with Windows® by using an AudioController to perform the low level functions and memory management. The Api is heavily tested and used by both Audio Switcher v1, and v2.0.


PM> Install-Package AudioSwitcher.AudioApi.CoreAudio

Hosted on GitHub

Audio Switcher is 100% open source, and is hosted on GitHub. Check it out here

Social Stuff

If you like my work you can check me out on GitHub and Twitter


You can donate to the Audio Switcher project by using PayPal and clicking here